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Anatomical pelvic health models to enhance clinical training and advance patient education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize women’s health education, creating more advanced teaching and learning opportunities for practitioners and patients. 

Anatomical Models & Kits

Venus :: Diversity Trio
Venus :: Diversity Trio

Venus :: Diversity Trio

$365.00 Preço normal $435.00

Venus :: Pelvic Health Anatomical Model
Light Venus Pelvic Health Anatomical Model

Venus :: Pelvic Health Anatomical Model


Pelvic Exam :: Educational Skills Kit
Pelvic Exam :: Educational Skills Kit

Pelvic Exam :: Educational Skills Kit


EpiSim :: Suturing Rehearsal Pad
EpiSim :: Suturing Rehearsal Pad

EpiSim :: Suturing Rehearsal Pad


Maternal Health :: Suturing Skills Kit
Maternal Health :: Suturing Skills Kit

Maternal Health :: Suturing Skills Kit


PeriSim :: Suturing Rehearsal Anatomical Model
PeriSim :: Suturing Rehearsal Anatomical Model

PeriSim :: Suturing Rehearsal Anatomical Model


Our Story

Granville Biomedical is a Canadian health tech company, specializing in the design of anatomical pelvic health models to address the lack of hands-on teaching and learning opportunities within women's health. The Co-Founders, Christine Goudie and Crystal Northcott met in 2018 during a medical outreach mission to Bangladesh where they identified a common gap in women's health education around the world.

To date, the company’s flagship patent-pending pelvic health model “Venus” has been distributed across 21 countries, spanning 5 continents and is used by healthcare educators, pelvic health practitioners, midwifery/doula programs, and sexual health advocates to advance women's health on a global scale.

To address the lack of medical device innovation within women's health, the Granville Biomedical team has also been involved in the research, development, and validation of a novel speculum as well as a series of biocompatible medical grade swabs, which includes the design of a novel pelvic exam device to replace traditional procedural tools in the collection of cervical cells. 

Image: Omotara Eruteya, Founder of Freedom Tree (in Sierra Leone during a maternal health teaching workshop in 2019)

Our Testimonials

Thank you to our customers and pelvic health community around the world. Together, we are enhancing clinical practice and prioritizing patient care within women's health.

Everything Natal

Women's Health Company

Everything Natal is comprised of two highly experienced women’s health physiotherapists. We teach health and fitness professionals how to effectively treat the postnatal population. In order to do this we need to use the best products and this is why the Venus model is imperative to our teaching. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without them. Thank you, Granville Biomedical!

Dr. Alex Hill

Oncology & Pelvic Health Physical Therapist

Representation is critical in healthcare, including how topics are taught. OncoPelvic PT has been able to use the darker skin tone Venus model in teaching, both to patients and clinicians, to provide inclusive education that ALL people can relate to. As an Oncology and Pelvic Health Physical Therapist, I'm so grateful for the high quality and different skin tones of the Venus model.

Kim Vopni (The Vagina Coach)

Pelvic Health Coach & Menopause Support Practitioner in training

I am a huge fan of the Venus model when I am teaching clients and workshop participants about vulvovaginal anatomy. It is a beautiful model that is so life-like and made really well. I highly recommend Granville Biomedical!

Aliya Dhalla

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist + Educator

I am a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and have two models from Granville Biomedical. I absolutely LOVE them for teaching my patients about their anatomy, perineal care, and so much more. The new Venus model in the medium skin tone is perfection - it’s so meaningful to have my own skin tone represented in this way and I know that it is impactful for my patients as well. I also use these models in my online educational workshops and they are very helpful tools, even virtually. Thank you for making these - they truly help me provide better care + pelvic health education. 

Dr. Joselyn Rodriguez, DPT, OCS, ATC

Physical Therapist

The Venus models are an integral part of my practice as it's a way to educate potential clients and current clients on their anatomy, pathology, and treatment. Many vulva owners have never looked at their own; having a life-like model with two colour variations can make it more real for them and help them better understand with a visual aide. I love my models, and so do my clients.

Beth Hoag, PT, CLT

Physical Therapist

The Venus model is a wonderful tool for educating patients about their anatomy and teaching them various treatment techniques. As a cancer rehab physio, I find this model especially useful when demonstrating scar and soft tissue release techniques.

Lissy Changuion

Pelvic Health & Continence Physiotherapist

The Venus models have been such a fabulous addition to our women's health physio clinic.
They are very effective for providing education to patients. I feel that the model is more realistic and less overwhelming or clinical for patients, which is important for patient comfort when treating female health concerns. The product itself is of exceptional quality and could not recommend using the Venus model within clinic enough.

Planned Parenthood NL

Planned Parenthood Newfoundland and Labrador received the Venus model in early 2022. This model has drastically improved sexual health education in both virtual and in-person settings. Further, Venus is great for making demonstration videos that help younger folks learn about tampons, menstrual cups, and pap testing. Along with this, Venus allows participants to understand anatomy at a deeper level and enables people to feel empowered in their healthcare decisions. Thanks, Granville Biomedical!

Jaclyn Seebach, PT

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

I adore my Venus model from Granville Biomedical! I use it on a daily basis to provide a more realistic visual for patients struggling with vulvodynia, vestibulodynia, vaginismus, painful intercourse, and more. I couldn't do without it to teach perineal massage to moms-to-be so they are more confident in their upcoming birth. I HIGHLY recommend this as a staple education tool for all pelvic health educators.

Angelique Montano-Bresolin

Pelvic Physiotherapist

The Venus vulva model makes teaching so easy! Thanks Granville Biomedical for creating it!

Victoria B.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

I ordered Granville’s Venus model for my Physiotherapy practice, and when it arrived, my daughter asked how to insert a tampon. After using Venus to demonstrate the process, and having her practice with the model as well, she successfully used a tampon on the first try! Thank you for creating these multipurpose models as well as representing different skin tones.

Serena Haines

Sexual Health Educator

This product is the main event at my shows and clients just adore how easy it is for me to explain their anatomy with it. I’ve taught young women to insert tampons and clean themselves and 40-year old women how to become orgasmic! I’ve also taught men all the sex-ed they wish they knew for partnered pleasure. I can’t love this enough!!!

Markham Pelvic Health

Love these vulvar models! One of the best teaching tools for perineal stretching!

Kelsey Drew

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Granville Biomedical’s attention to detail with respect to anatomical accuracy and quality is unmatched. The pelvic health model is a staple in my practice and has been an incredible asset in terms of technique demonstration and client education/engagement. If you are a women's health practitioner or educator, I strongly recommend adding one of Granville Biomedical's products to your toolbox! 

Omotara Johnson

Founder, Freedom Tree

Our team used various anatomical models designed by Granville Biomedical during our recent educational program implementation in Sierra Leone, West Africa. The models provided an incredible tool for teaching, learning and collaboration. They also enabled our team to deliver quality education within our outreach program.

Anjelica Abarra

Co-Founder, Alt Med Creative Inc.

Christine and Granville Biomedical have been instrumental in helping expand Alt Med Creative's patient education offering. Christine's ideas are fresh and innovative, which have proven to be very valuable to our company. In collaboration with Christine's team, healthcare providers who wish to work with Alt Med Creative will now have access to their simulation solutions that are designed to improve patient retention and education.

Robert Orr

President + CEO, Life360 Innovations

Granville Biomedical designed a custom anatomical model that allowed our incontinence specialists to simulate product use, which eased patient anxiety and improved training outcomes.  We currently use the models in all of our clinic partner locations, which is a key training demonstration tool that has resulted in improved product uptake.

Nicole Ranger

VP Engineering, Life360 Innovations

The custom anatomical models that Granville Biomedical designed exceeded our expectations in terms of quality, functionality, and accuracy. The models provide advanced patient education, instilling confidence in product use resulting in an improved quality of life.

Our Team

Our diverse interdisciplinary team combines deep knowledge and expertise spanning product design, nursing, surgical simulation, medical device design, and engineering.

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